Co-Leader Updates for June 25

Important Updates for 2023 C0-Leaders – June 25

When there is a lot of info to share I think this will be much better than looking for emails or writing long texts! We are now 3 weeks away from the first trips leaving for Colorado. Lots to get done.

  1. July 2nd Co-Leaders Zoom Calls. On Sunday, July 2nd we will have TWO Zoom calls for Co-Leaders. This is an important meeting where we will cover the full itinerary for your trips and answer pressing questions. Buffalo Co-Leaders at 6:00 PM. Collegiate Co-Leaders at 7:00 PM.
  2. Trip Payments. ALERT! We currently only have about 80 guys who have paid for their 2023 Mountain Men trip out of over 200. Please click HERE to see who has paid. This is only a list of who HAS PAID. Reference it against your team list and please light a fire under the guys who still need to pay their trip fee. Thanks.
  3. Mountain Men Liability Waiver. The 2023 Mountain Men liability waiver is now at the top of your profile page. Big red button. Please fill it out and have all your team members fill it out as well.
  4. Whitewater Waivers. Please send the appropriate link to your teams to fill out the waiver for rafting. Find YOUR TEAM’S waiver link HERE.
  5. 2023 Group Gear. Brett Reich and Dan Oller will be managing group gear for all Mountain Men teams this year. They will reach out to you with dates and times for you to pick up your packs, sleeping bags, group gear boxes, and food boxes.
  6. Jimmy Shaw is one of our Mountain Men leaders and runs an adventure travel ministry that organizes expedition trips while also supporting missionaries around the globe. He has some incredible trips scheduled this year. Check out his website HERE to find out what kinds of trips DiscipleTrek offers and if you’d be interested in participating.


Thanks, brothers. When there is a lot to convey I’ll post it here on your profile pages. Please refer back to this post for all the appropriate links and files.

Lee & Brian