Co-Leader Updates


  1. Signed Mountain Men Waivers. Click HERE to see a list of who has signed their Mountain Men waiver. If you don’t see one of your guys on this list, have them do it ASAP on their profile page. Takes 20 seconds.
  2. Brett Reich & Dan Oller have been working hard to get all teams their gear. Watch your text threads to make sure you see pickup times and instructions.


  1. Action Needed. If you haven’t yet taken action on numbers 1-3 below in the July 14th update… PLEASE DO IT RIGHT NOW. We need those items taken care of ASAP!
  2. Garmin 67i Tutorial Video. We now have a short tutorial video to show you how to use our new Garmin 67i GPS devices this year. Remember, we use these for 4 reasons: 1) SOS in case of emergency, 2) staying on our courses/routes and not getting lost, 3) communication with Lee & Brian (and others if essential), and 4) weather monitoring.
    • Watch the new tutorial video HERE
  3. Gearbox Video. There is now a gearbox video on this page (above). It is last year’s video, but we’ve made a couple updates. If this is your first time as a co-leader you MUST watch this video. Just click on it above at the bottom of the Mountain Resources section.
  4. Wive’s Letters. If you haven’t gotten all the wives letters yet… red alert. Make sure you are actively doing that now.


That’s all for today. Please check back every day from now until your trip for timely information. Remember… TAKE ACTION WITH #1, #2, AND #3 BELOW IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY…



You need to read ALL of this. There are steps we need you to take ASAP, please. Thanks, guys.

  1. Backpack & Sleeping Bag Needs: We need an updated and accurate count on how many backpacks and sleeping bags your team needs. This equipment will be ready for you when you come to get your group gear and food before departure. To get us your accurate numbers fill out this very short form: BACKPACKS & SLEEPING BAGS FORM
  2. Trip Payments. ALERT! We still have quite a few who haven’t paid yet. We need to get this knocked out ASAP, please. Click HERE for the updated list of who HAS PAID. If one of your guy’s names is NOT on this list they still need to pay their trip fee. Please ask them to get that done this week!
  3. Sign the Waivers. The 2023 Mountain Men liability waiver is at the top of everyone’s profile page. Takes 2 seconds. YOU have to send the link to the whitewater rafting waiver. It’s right HERE. Choose the link for YOUR team and send it to your guys.
  4. Driving Directions (for you planners). Our route for all Mountain Men trips this year will go through Kansas on I-70. Tulsa to Wichita to Salina to Limon to Antero Junction. From Antero Junction Buffalo trips will head north on 285 to get to Weston Pass Campground and Collegiate teams will head south on 285 to get over to North Cottonwood Creek Trailhead. Detailed driving directions will be provided.
  5. GAIA Topographical Maps. There are a lot of good topo map and GPS apps and websites out there. I build routes in the GAIA system. Below are the links to see the routes for our trips. If you prefer other topo or GPS systems, you can hit “Export” in the left-hand menu and save these routes as GPX files that will work within other applications.
  6. Full Trip Itinerary. Here is a detailed trip itinerary. This would be good to review with your co-leader before departure AND to save to your phone to reference while on the trip. Lots of very pertinent information here.
  7. We love to also provide all Mountain Men wives with a high level trip itinerary so they know where their husbands are on this trip and, in general, what they are doing. We HIGHLY recommend you either send this link to the wives on your team or share it with your team members and make sure they pass it along to their wives. This has emergency contact info in it so we really want all wives to have it.


Thanks, brothers. When there is a lot to convey I’ll post it here on your profile pages. Please refer back to this post for all the appropriate links and files.

Lee & Brian