2024 Mountain Men Co-Leaders

Mountain Men Leaders, 

It’s Lee & Brian. What an incredible year 2023 has been for Mountain Men! Probably our best year yet. And that’s saying a lot! And, frankly, this email is important. Maybe more important than it’s ever been any year in the past.

You’re receiving it because you’re the best leaders Mountain Men has. You’ve already co-led Mountain Men trips in the past and you have helped men encounter God in a real way. And we really don’t know how to thank you for that. It means the world to us AND to so many men and their families.   

Even though it seems like we just got off the mountain, this is the time of year when we must begin the process of trying to determine where God is leading us next year. And at this point only one thing really matters… Co-Leaders! Because, simply put:

Without quality co-leaders Mountain Men is nothing.

The ONLY way men are able to have life-changing encounters with God through Mountain Men is if we have leaders like you who make that possible. We know that some of you may feel you need to take next year off. We understand that and will support you if that’s how you are feeling led.

Others of you have been away for a few years. It’s time to come back. You’re needed. But we want to ask ALL of you to prayerfully consider this decision with God and your wife. We mean that! Mountain Men continues to grow and so our need for co-leaders like you is more vital than ever. 

Below is a link to a very short interest form we need filled out by Oct 15th. We’d like to get this back from ALL of you even if your answer is no, please. You guys are our veteran leaders and we need to lock you in first before recruiting and training new co-leaders. This form also allows you to indicate the kind of trip you are wanting to lead and who you would prefer to co-lead with. Please click this link below.

2024 Co-Leader Interest Form

How could we begin to thank you guys? We can’t. You ARE Mountain Men. Just like us. There is no Mountain Men without you. Thank you. We love each of you very much and we are SO grateful to be on this adventure with you and Jesus. 

Lee & Brian