2024 NEW Mountain Men Co-Leaders

Hey Brothers!  

As crazy as it may seem, Mountain Men 2024 is right around the corner and Brian and I feel like you are supposed to have a key part in it. Your name has emerged with about 16 other Mountain Men guys whom we would like to ask to prayerfully consider being a Mountain Men Co-Leader for 2024.

Mountain Men grows every year and the single most important element to having successful trips is the quality of our co-leaders. It is critical that we recruit trustworthy men, who truly understand what Mountain Men is all about, to help carry our culture and facilitate men being able to have a meaningful encounter with God. We feel like YOU are one of those men who will help us do that next year.

You don’t have to go ALL-IN today, but we are inviting you to attend a small co-leader interest meeting on Sunday, October 15 at 6pm at Church on the Move. After being a part of that meeting you can make your final decision.

PLEASE click this link to let us know 1) if you are even interested and 2) if you can make the meeting. It will literally take you 30 seconds to do. Thank you, brother!


Lee & Brian