It’s January 1 and Mountain Men 2024 has officially begun!

[PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THESE STEPS CAREFULLY. IT REALLY MATTERS.]   Co-Leaders,  Today we are opening registration for Co-leaders and their specific recruits ONLY. Here’s how this will work:   3 Steps are listed at the top of this page. Here’s some needed explanation on each:   Step 1 – Watch the new video from […]

Co-Leader Updates

JULY 22 UPDATE: Signed Mountain Men Waivers. Click HERE to see a list of who has signed their Mountain Men waiver. If you don’t see one of your guys on this list, have them do it ASAP on their profile page. Takes 20 seconds. Brett Reich & Dan Oller have been working hard to get […]

Co-Leader Updates for June 25

Important Updates for 2023 C0-Leaders – June 25 When there is a lot of info to share I think this will be much better than looking for emails or writing long texts! We are now 3 weeks away from the first trips leaving for Colorado. Lots to get done. July 2nd Co-Leaders Zoom Calls. On […]