Mountain Men 2024 officially begins today!!



Today we are opening registration for Co-leaders and their specific recruits ONLY. Here’s how this will work:

After you get done reading this post, you’ll need to log into your profile page (see top menu of this page). Once on your profile page you will see 3 Steps at the top. Here’s some needed explanation on each of those:


Step 1 – Watch the new video from Lee and Brian. Put it on 1.5x speed if you need to, but watch it. We ALL need this reminder before we invite new guys to Mountain Men.

Step 2 – Get yourself registered for Mountain Men 2024. We need that ASAP. Due to rapid inflation in the outdoor industry and some additional expenses this year our trip fee has gone up. Good news for you as a co-leader is that you still receive a significant discount. When you check out you will get $500 off the regular price making your total trip fee only $150.

If you don’t have any specific guys you want on your team, no problem. We’ll prayerfully and carefully assign guys to your team the same way we always have.

But if you have specific guys you want on YOUR team…

You need to get them registered in the next week. We will open registration to EVERYONE on January 7th. Once we fill up, we fill up. The only way we can guarantee you get your guys on your team is if they sign up early WITH YOUR TEAM CODE (see below).


  • If your recruits are returning Mountain Men you need to tell them to simply log into their profile page on and register themselves with that Step 2 link for returning Mountain Men (just like you did or will do). 
  • If they are NEW you will need to send them the link under “Step 3” at the top of your profile page, right side. New recruits have a different registration than returning Mountain Men. 

In the registration process there is a box labeled “Optional Team Code.” Please instruct your recruits to use the code that matches your team (below).


Blake Zimmerman & Kris Oakes = BLAKE

Wes Simmons & Austin Kelley = SIMMONS

Jeff Clagg & Tobie Munroe = CLAGG

Tyler Thompson & Sean Garner = THOMPSON

Dean Surface & Jeromy Dionne = SURFACE

Dan Oller & Joel Hornstien = OLLER

Chris Munch & Gary Hornstien = MUNCH

Lance Salazar & Nathan Henson = SALAZAR

Alden Foster & Bryton Bartley = FOSTER

DJ Garza & Mike Mcbryar = GARZA

Dean Schmidt & Matt Schroeder = SCHMIDT

Mark Roles & Jason Burks = ROLES

Joel Vacin & Ryan Morgan = VACIN

Shawn Stephens & Eric Weis = STEPHENS

Rocky Duran & Kenny Brand = DURAN

Kaleb Woolever & Nate Olsen = WOOLEVER

David Mansfield & Cassidy Cagle = MANSFIELD

John Mitchell & Lynn Hall = MITCHELL

Nick Nelson & Jeff Classen = NELSON

Ian Kiefer & Ryan Perkins = KIEFER

Ryan Woods & Alexander Peiffer = WOODS

Stephen Posey & Jeff Frankenfield = POSEY

Clay Richardson & Josh Hopkins = RICHARDSON

Mikey Piatt & Garrett Johnson = PIATT

Kip Jennings & ___TBD____ = JENNINGS

Michael Bippus & ___TBD___ = BIPPUS

Jason Wenaas & __TBD__ = WENAAS

Sam Wachob & Blake Holmes = WACHOB

Colson Erway & Daniel Yarbarough = ERWAY


That’s is. Let’s work hard this week to get ourselves registered and our recruits. Please make sure all your invites are truly READY and it’s their year! We expect 2024 to be our best year yet. Praying that God shows up in ways we never could have imagined! Thanks for being such a big part of this with us! 


Lee & Brian